Inspection &
        Training Services

AITS specializes in the training of Aerodrome Reporting Officers (ARO) and Works Safety Officers (WSO) and Aerodrome Administrators (Managers). Customised training courses/workshops can also be tailored to meet individual aerodrome operator needs. David is a Certificate IV Qualified Trainer and Assessor and has been endorsed by CASA in the training of ARO and WSO.


To date David has trained/retrained over 400 ARO/WSO from 52 Certified, Registered and Other (Unclassified) aerodromes ranging from Code 1 to Code 4. These aerodromes have been in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, NSW and Queensland.





The course covers all the training requirements for aerodrome reporting officers and works safety officers. Each course is tailored to meet a group of aerodrome's individual class and code and  is interactive utilizing a model airport and power point presentations to illustrate aerodromes layouts, operational problems, and to provide class exercises.


The duration of the course is normally 3 days. A refresher course for those with proven prior competency is held over 2 days.

Course manuals have been prepared to address the requirements of the Manual os Standards 139 (MOS139), Aeronautical Information Circular 139-13(0) (AC 139-13 (0))"TRAINING OF AERODROME REPORTING OFFICERS AND WORKS SAFETY OFFICERS" and the Australian Airports Association (AAA) Competency Standards for AERODROME INSPECTION and REPORTING and WORKS SAFETY. Manuals, handbooks and USBs are provided to each participant for their future reference and use.


Topics covered in the training course/manual include, but are not restricted to:

  • Aerodrome inspection and reporting,
  • Aerodrome lighting systems inspection and reporting,
  • Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) inspection and reporting
  • Aircraft radio use,
  • Supervision of aerodrome works safety and site access,
  • NOTAM preparation,
  • Disabled aircraft removal,
  • Airside driving,
  • Aerodrome emergency procedures,
  • Use of firearms to control wildlife hazards,
  •   Implementation of wildlife hazard control measures,
  • Management of disruptive and/or unlawful behaviour,  
  • Airfield security         

Successful attendees receive a certificate with course details. The certificate is accepted by CASA as evidence of meeting the formal requirements of Reporting/Works Safety Officer training.  A certificate copy is provided to the Aerodrome Operator for filing and auditing purposes. Full course details are filed by AITS for future audit and/or reference purposes.




The course is intended for personnel who are responsible for aerodrome management/administration either in whole or part. It is designed to supplement the ARO/WSO formal training courses. Successful completion of the Aerodrome Reporting/ Works Safety Officers or proven competency in Reporting/Safety Officer duties are a prerequisite for the Administrator (Manager) course.


Each course is tailored to meet the needs of each participant and the aerodrome classification (e.g. Registered, Certified or Certain other). The course takes approximately 5-7 hours of class time, but can vary according to individual needs and may be run as an adjunct to the Reporting/Safety Officers Course or alternatively undertaken independently. 

The courses vary for individual requirements and can cover the following topics:

  • Legislation including relevant federal, state and local government Acts and Regulations
  • Aerodrome Operator Responsibilities
  • Requirements for Aerodrome Administrator(Manager)
  • Compliance with CASA requirements
  • Aerodrome Manual/ CASA Audits
  • Aerodrome Information Publications (AIP)
  • Reporting Officers Requirements
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs (DAMP)
  • Operations Limitation Surfaces (OLS)
  • Aerodrome expansion
  • Aircraft Noise, its measurement and community impact from future development
  • Bird, animal wildlife hazards
  • Pavement concessions
  • Airfield security
  • Safety Managements Systems