Inspection &
        Training Services

CASR 1998 regulation 139.090 requires the operator of a Certified Aerodrome must have an aerodrome manual in accordance with regulation 139.095 and Appendix 1.

The manual must be kept current and is subject to the annual ATI and CASA audits. The aerodrome manual must include reference to the following information applicable to the aerodrome and be acceptable to CASA:


-           Aerodrome Site Information

-           Aerodrome Administration

-           Aerodrome Emergency Plan  

-           Aerodrome Lighting

-           Aerodrome Reporting

-           Unauthorized Entry to Aerodrome

-           Aerodrome Serviceability Inspections  

-           Aerodrome Technical Inspections  

-           Aerodrome Works Safety

-           Aircraft Parking Control

-           Airside Vehicle Control

-           Bird and Animal Hazard Management

-           Obstacle Control

-           Disabled Aircraft Removal

-           Handling of Hazardous Materials

-           Protection of Radar and Navigational Aids

-           Low Visibility Operations

-           Local Procedures

-           Safety Management System

-           Particulars of aerodrome to be published in AIP


At Registered Aerodromes aerodrome operators must keep current and accurate records relating to the following (this can take the form of an abbreviated aerodrome manual, generally referred to as an operating manual):


-           Aerodrome administration

-           Aerodrome diagram details

-           Runway information

-           Aerodrome lighting

-           Ground services

-           Special procedures

-           Local safety information notices

-           Inspection and reporting arrangements

-           Monitoring of airspace for obstacle identification and hazard controls


AITS has assisted aerodrome operators in the preparation/update of aerodrome manuals at the following:


-          Horsham

-          Bankstown

-          Beverley

-      Emerald (Qld)

-          Moorabbin

-          Nhill

-          Kerang

-          Shepparton

-          Warracknabeal

-      Wollongong


AITS can also assist aerodrome operators with the preparation of:


-           Aerodrome Emergency Procedure plans (AEP)

-           Drug and Alcohol Management plans (DAMP)

-           Safety Management Systems (SMS)

-           Method of Working Plans (MOWP)