Inspection &
        Training Services

AITS is an aviation consultancy offering a comprehensive range of services in aerodrome operations, training and inspections. They have extensive experience in a wide variety of aerodrome operations which include:

  • Aerodrome safety and technical inspections
  • Obstacle Limitation Surfaces
  • Aerodrome Reporting and Works Safety Officers and Administrator(Manager) training courses
  • Aerodrome compliance with CASA, Department of Infrastructure and Transport and Local Government Acts and Regulations
  • Method of Works Plans preparation and implementation
  • Airside project works management
  • Aerodrome operations management
  • Aerodrome master planning
  • Aerodrome safety cases 

The principal, David Osborne, has over 40 years experience in the aviation business having commenced as an Trainee Aerodrome Inspector progressing to the Deputy General Manager at Moorabbin Airport in charge of aerodrome compliance and the maintenance, development and safety of the airside area.

During his career David has been involved in:

  • Writing of documentation such as Aerodrome Manuals, Aerodrome Emergency Procedures, Safety Management Systems, and Method of Working Plans
  • Conducted Aerodrome Technical, Safety and serviceability Inspections
  • Project management and supervision
  • Writing and reviewing Master and Development Plans 
  • Training of personnel

David has CASA approval to conduct Aerodrome Safety Inspections (Approval No. A023), is a Certificate IV Qualified Trainer and Assessor, has CASA endorsement to train Aerodrome Reporting and Aerodrome Works Safety Officers, and is qualified to conduct elements of Aerodrome Technical Inspections.